Gone are the days when you’d be really struggling to find a nice free template for Zen Cart. For anyone on a tight budget, there is now quite a range of decent free templates to get your shop looking different from the default version.

To start off with, the official and largest demo site for free Zen Cart templates http://zencarttemplates.info lets you view screenshots and test out lots of free Zen Cart templates which have been submitted by developers and designers down through the years. Not all free templates are available than on this site (I reckon that maybe there’s a limit to the number of templates a developer can submit), so it’s worth checking out some other sites.

Listed below are some other websites offering decent free templates. These are all compatible with Zen Cart 1.3.9h – 1.3.9a and 1.3.8 and available for download in the Free Software Add Ons section of the main Zen Cart site. They generally require you to keep their footer link or you can pay a small fee to remove it.

Nice clean-looking free templates based a single design theme.
Demos: http://demo.12leaves.com/zen-cart-templates/lite-free/

Picaflor Azul
This company offers some really nice free template with a variety of designs and some include a slideshow feature for the homepage.
Demos: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/free-demos/

Demos: http://free-zen-cart-templates-demo.zen-cart-power.net/