I’ve compiled a list of resources for anyone who wants to integrate a WordPress blog into a Zen Cart shop.

Embedding WordPress inside Zen Cart

WordPress on ZenCart (WOZ). This module, developed by Hira, enables a fully functioning blog to operate within a Zen Cart shop. You can use this module if you have (a) Zen Cart installed in the root with WordPress in a sub folder or (b) Zen Cart and WordPress in separate subfolders (c) both Zen Cart and WordPress installed in the root. WordPress is run within Zen Cart from a single template page and the module includes Zen Cart sideboxes for displaying the WordPress sidebar, categories, pages, links and archives. Unfortunately this module has been found to conflict with certain Zen Cart add-ons, such as RSS Feed, Google Base Feeder and SitemapXML.
Download: You can find the latest version of WordPress on ZenCart (WOZ) in the Zen Cart add-ons section.

Numinix Solution
Less invasive than the WOZ module, Numinix’s solution enables you to embed your blog into Zen Cart so that important functions such as shopping cart details and login status are maintained even when in the blog. Works with  (a) Zen Cart installed in the root with WordPress in a sub folder or (b) Zen Cart and WordPress installed in separate subfolders
Module Link: Detailed instructions for the Numinix solution on Numinix’s own site.

Half-way Solution

WordPress On ZenCart – Sideboxes Only Edition v1.0
This contribution, developed by C Jones, is half-way solution which doesn’t require embedding WordPress inside Zen cart. Instead, it involves styling your WordPress blog to match your Zen Cart shop and uses Hira’s WOZ sideboxes within Zen Cart to pull content links directly from the blog. The mod provides detailed instructions on how to install the sideboxes with good tips on how to style the standalone blog to match Zen Cart.
Module Link: You can find the WordPress On ZenCart – Sideboxes Only Edition download in the Zen Cart add-ons section.

What’s my verdict?

I used the WOZ module for a while, but like many others, I found that it conflicted with other Zen Cart modules that were important to me, so I opted for the Numinix solution instead. When I set this up on my own site, I remember having problems with getting /index.php?main_page=blog to redirect to /blog/ – I solved the problem by installing a WordPress plugin that sorted it out. I’m pretty sure that Numinix’s solution won’t work with the WordPress On ZenCart – Sideboxes Only Edition, so I created new sideboxes for latest posts, categories etc. using this suggestion from the Zen Cart forum.

Other Alternatives

Integrating blog posts into Zen Cart

If you’re happy with keeping your WordPress blog separate but want to display your latest blog posts  in Zen Cart, that Software Guy has developed a Zen Cart module which uses the CaRP – RSS to HTML Converter for integrating blog posts as a single page in your cart. Full instructions and demo are available at: http://www.thatsoftwareguy.com/zencart_blog_integration.html

Embedding Zen Cart into WordPress

Worth keeping an eye on is Michael Wender’s solution which is still in the development stage. Whereas the WOZ and Numinix contributions have been designed to embed WordPress inside Zen Cart, Michael’s solution is to embed Zen Cart inside WordPress.  Link

Other Related Resources

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